Privacy Protection - Social Security Numbers
Policy:  Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning, LLC provides reasonable efforts to protect the confidentiality of the personal information it processes that can be associated with an individual such as the Social Security numbers that we collect in the course of doing business.  It is the responsibility of all members of the Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning LLC workforce to ensure compliance with these requirements.
Purpose:  To protect the confidentiality of Social Security numbers by prohibiting unlawful disclosures and limiting access to numbers obtained.
In the course of doing business Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning, LLC may collect certain personal information, including Social Security numbers.  Mark Sheptoff Financial Planning, LLC protects the confidentiality of the Social Security numbers it obtains by:
1.       Limiting access to the Social Security numbers collected:
2.       Prohibiting unlawful disclosure of the Social Security numbers collected; and
3.       Destroying and providing secure disposal of any document, computer file or other data containing a Social Security number.


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